Lay Academy for Church Excellence

The Bluegrass District Lay Academy for Church Excellence (LACE) is a series of keynotes and workshops designed to help train leaders and pastors to guide our churches in making disciples of Jesus Christ in their church and community.

Colleen Davis is the Bluegrass District Lay Leader and runs the LACE Program. If you need to reach her, especially on a LACE Saturday for directions or assistance, please call 859-619-4659.

The cost is $10 per day, or $40 for all five Saturdays.

Laity who complete the Lay Servant Track will become Local Lay Servants in their church.
Local Lay Servants who return to take the Leadership Track will become District Certified Lay Servants.

Certified Lay Servants who complete the Discipleship Track will become Certified Lay Speakers.

Laity and clergy are also welcome to join us for any days and workshops that catch their interest!

July 21 - Lawrenceburg UMC


Keynote:             Exploring A Call/Spiritual Gifts by Bishop Leonard Fairley

Lay Servant Workshops:       How to Preach the Word by Rev. Allen Gibson                
                                              How to Teach the Word by Deborah Hitt
Leadership Workshops:         Are You a Foot or a Hand? by Rev. Tonya Kenner
                                              Church Health by Rev. Wallace Votaw


August 18 - Shelbyville Centenary UMC


Keynote:         Missions by Pastor Judy Noel

Lay Servant Workshops:     Fresh Expressions and Your Church by Rev. Tony Franklin                                             Social Principles by Rev. Sylvia Baker-Noren                

Leadership Workshops:       How Do We Serve Others?
                                            l3 - Leading, Loving, and Learning


September 15 - Lebanon UMC


Keynote:        United Methodist History and Theology by Rev. Tim Thompson

Lay Servant Workshops:       Communications by Rev. Shannon Blosser                
                                             Priorities of the Conference
Leadership Workshops:        Personal Discipleship by Rev. Chris Howlett
                                             Parables and Talents: How to Use what God Gave You
by Rev. Bryan Langlands


October 20 - St. Mark UMC


Keynote:        Sacraments by Rev. Mark Gibbons

Both Tracks Workshops
:       Worship by Scott Heersche              



November 17 - Frankfort First UMC


Keynote:        Leadership by Rev. Owen Dolin

Morning Workshops:        Pastoral Care; Finance; Lay Leader
Afternoon Workshops:      Safe Sanctuaries; Trustees; PPR/SPRC