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2018 Charge Conference Information for the Bluegrass District

posted on September 19

2018 Charge Conference information has been sent out the last few weeks via newsletter. It is copied below the schedule of Charge Conferences.

Charge conferences across the Bluegrass District will take place as follows:
10/29/2018 at 7pm: Woodford and Scott Counties
Versailles First UMC
230 Paynes Mill Rd.
Versailles, KY 40383
10/30/2018 at 7pm: Nelson and Washington Counties
Springfield UMC
307 E. Main St.
Springfield, KY 40069
11/04/2018 at 6pm: Taylor and Marion Counties
Asbury UMC
9600 New Columbia Rd.
Campbellsville, KY 42718
11/05/2018 at 7pm: Spencer, Shelby, and Henry Counties
New Castle UMC
134 South Main St.
New Castle, KY 40050
11/06/2018 at 7pm: Mercer and Boyle Counties
Harrodsburg UMC
128 South Chiles St.
Harrodsburg, KY 40330
11/07/2018 at 7pm: Anderson and Franklin Counties
Claylick UMC
235 Claylick Church Rd.
Salvisa, KY 40372

Each combined Conference will include a time of worship, sharing, and celebration. The business part of the meeting will consist of a time of affirming officially the decisions you have made in an Administrative Board or Council meeting prior to the Charge Conference.
For your planning purposes, the forms for your Charge Conference must be uploaded (if doing electronically), or one copy of your paper work (if doing by hard copy) will be expected to be postmarked to PO Box 4308, Frankfort, KY 40604, no later than 14 days prior to your scheduled Charge Conference (this is not optional). Charge conferences are intentionally scheduled later this year. With that being the case, we need your forms turned in on time. I must be able to review your forms before your Charge Conference. Regarding the forms, also please note the following:


* I will provide blank Attendance sheets the day of the Charge Conference.

* There is no "Minutes Form" as in year's past. A new "Checklist and Authorization Form" is to be used this year. It will act as a guide as well as signature page. Please get all the signatures at your Board/Council meeting prior to your Charge Conference. This form will need to be uploaded or a hard copy sent to the PO Box 4308, Frankfort, KY 40604.

* Please complete all the information in the "Finance" form. I would also like a copy of the latest finance report that is normally shared with your Board/Council and or congregation(s). If you need help in securing someone to do an audit, we can assist in finding someone to help. But each church should make plans for at least a simple annual audit. It does not have to be done by a paid professional. Here is a link to a Guide for doing an audit in the local church. Click this link to reach the Audit Guide.  


* In doing your Nominations/Lay Leadership work within your Charge, you are encouraged to use whatever written format that suits/fits your situation and include a copy for me. But you must transfer the names and contact information of your officers to the "Team Nominations Form." as this information must be entered into the Conference data base. Especially include email addresses for your leaders who have them. If you are completing online, you are encouraged to use your church's "Dashboard" that automatically integrates with the Conference Database. Instructions are provided. In the case of multi-church Charges, EACH CHURCH IS TO HAVE THEIR OWN SET OF FORMS. DO NOT COMBINE A CHARGE ON ONE SET OF FORMS.


* Please complete the "Safe Sanctuaries" section on the "Checklist." If you do not have a policy, it is not hard to implement one. We have resources and people to assist in this. Not having one opens the church to great liability risks and is the reason we require this now.


* Please follow the instructions regarding the submission of student information for the benefit of our campus ministries and their opportunity to minister to our students.


* Regarding the "Membership Audit", you should include information about any additions or subtractions in your personal report. If there are names that need to be removed by Charge Conference Action, either the first or second reading, please supply a separate page indicating such.



You will want to plan and schedule now a Church/Administrative Board/Council meeting prior to your Charge Conference (remembering that a copy of the paper work is to be postmarked to PO Box 4308, Frankfort, KY 40604 no later than 14 days prior to the Charge Conference) so that your local church (or churches) can discuss and vote on those matters requiring a vote. We will officially confirm those votes at the Charge Conference. The votes you should have prior to the Charge Conference should include the following items: Compensation for any appointed clergy; Report of the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development; Our Mission Covenant Report; Recommendations (if any) for Lay Servants; Recommendations (if any) for first-time, and for continuing candidates for ministry, and the removal of any names from Membership by Charge Conference action.
There are two additional ways each church is to be prepared for sharing at the Charge Conference:
  1. We will receive a mission offering to support two ministries within our district: our new Hispanic Ministry, Love Strings, in Georgetown and our Triple Cross ministry in Harrodsburg. You are encouraged to receive an offering in your churches and bring for presentation at the Charge Conference.
  2. Each church will be asked to share 2-3 minutes about one ministry in your church about which you are excited in one of the areas of Knowing the Love of Jesus, Growing in the Love of Jesus, or Showing the Love of Jesus. We are asking that this be shared by one of the laity of the congregation and not the pastor.
If there are matters that you feel would warrant an individual Charge Conference for your church/charge, please be in conversation with me about that so that can be scheduled. But in the event of an individual Charge Conference, I am still asking that all churches participate in your County/Cluster Charge Conference as well.

Mark Gibbons, District Superintendent