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Beyond the Worship Wars: Why Older Adults Worship Differently

posted on January 25

On Friday, February 2, at 11 AM Eastern/10 AM Central time, there will be a webinar called Beyond the Worship Wars: Why Older Adults Worship Differently.

Presenter Will Randolph will lead this 2 hour webinar live, and it will be posted to the Older Adults webpage on UM Discipleship for those who can't attend the live webinar. Click the link to register.

Worship is fundamental to the life and experience of any faith community’s practicing members and a central part of our faith formation and maturing process. Most of us evolve over time in our worship desires and abilities. As we do so we discover one simple truth: older adults, including Boomers, worship differently.

This webinar focuses upon the spiritual needs and differences in worship styles of the various generations of older adults to assist church leaders of congregations with large numbers of older adults and Boomers. It is designed to help leaders then understand how to best design worship to engage Boomers and older adults through worship. Included in this webinar is not only how Boomers have changed worship as they have grown up but a projection of how worship will change as Boomers grow old.