7400 Floydsburg Rd
Crestwood KY 40014
Phone: (502) 491-7091
Fax: (502) 371-1091

Bluegrass District Structure for 2020/21 Year

posted on June 15

From Mark Gibbons:

By now most everyone should be aware of my retirement beginning July 1, and the fact that we are not appointing a new superintendent to follow me.  As has been shared several weeks ago, the Bluegrass District will stay intact as a district.  The supervision of the district will be handled by four existing superintendents of adjoining districts.  This decision was made to have this scenario in place for the next year because of the anticipated drop in Annual Conference income due to the covid-19 and giving churches several months of being able to not participate in Our Mission Covenant to help in local church finances.
In this article, I will attempt to explain how we anticipate the four superintendents relating to our different teams and how we will operate as a district.  Foundationally, we are attempting to keep things as normal as possible, but some things we will need to change.
NEW OFFICE CONTACTS:                Bluegrass District
                                                            Attn. Jill Starkey
                                                            7400 Floydsburg Rd
                                                            Crestwood, KY  40014
                                                            Phone: (502) 491-7091
                                                            Fax:  502-371-1091

This is the address to which all district apportionments will be sent as well as most other mail.  When in doubt use this address and/or call Jill, who is presently the administrator for the Heartland District.  Her office is in the Conference Office building.  All personnel files will be housed at the Conference Office and the Heartland District.
John Hatton (Heartland District), (502) 491-7091:  Shelby, Spencer, Nelson, Anderson, Franklin, Washington Counties.  John will also relate to the DISTRICT LACE TEAM and the DISTRICT DISASTER RESPONSE TEAM.
Susan Jinnett-Sack (Northern Kentucky District), O – (859) 442-5444, C – (502) 594-7475:  Henry County.  Susan will also relate to the DISTRICT COMMITTEE ON MINISTRY.
Iosmar Alvarez (Lexington District), (859) 299-6260:  Scott, Woodford, Mercer, Boyle, Marion Counties.  Iosmar will also relate to the District New Church Development Team, THE ksu WESLEY FOUNDATION BOARD, and the DISTRICT OPERATIONAL TEAM.  I have agreed to continue to meet monthly with DOT and relate to Iosmar.
Mark Dickinson (South Central District), (270) 842-5075:  Taylor County
Again, if you are ever in doubt about who to contact about something, start with Jill.

The district email address will stay bluegrassdistrictumc@gmail.com and will be checked by Abbi Blosser, who will still handle communications for the district.

See article image for a graphic of the relational connections for the Bluegrass District for the next Conference year.