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Charge Conference Dates and Information

posted on August 17

This page will be updated as information about Charge Conference for each county becomes available. To access Charge Conference forms, click here

Churches Supervised by DS Iosmar Alvarez:
Boyle, Marion, Mercer, Scott, Woodford

These events are all virtual.

October 20, 6:30 PM: Charge Conference for Richmond Mission Hub, Nicholasville Mission Hub, Marion County, Mercer County & Boyle County

October 22, 6:30 PM: Charge Conference for Lexington Missional Hub, Winchester Missional Hub, Scott County & Woodford County

November 15, 4 PM: District Conference

See above for link to Charge Conference paperwork.

Please submit your charge conference forms no later than 6 PM on October 20 or 22. There are 3 ways: online (excluding those requiring signatures), via email, or mail to:
Jessica Wells
PO Box 911090
Lexington, KY 40591

Churches Supervised by DS John Hatton:
Anderson, Franklin, Nelson, Shelby, Spencer, Washington

We will be holding district conferences this fall in an online/virtual format. I do not have a date to share with you yet for district conference, but I will let you know soon. As you prepare for district conference, you need to know that you will need two electronic devices for district conference. One device (such as a computer) for viewing the video stream. The second device (such as your smartphone) will be used for voting. Access to the video and voting are both web browser based, so you can use two phones, two computers, a computer and an iPad or tablet, etc. to participate.
For charge conferences, we will be doing cluster conferences by county in person. Since many of our churches are now worshiping in person with the proper precautions and guidelines, I think that we can safely hold charge conferences in this way. In order to make this a safe experience for all, we will be holding our conferences in churches that provide a large meeting space to allow plenty of room for proper social distancing. I’m also asking that you only bring a small contingent of persons from your church with you to your charge conference (pastors, lay leader, lay member to annual conference) so that we can maintain compliance with capacity guidelines for our host church. For those who do not feel safe meeting in person, we will be providing you a link to join via Zoom. I will be sending out more information about dates and locations for each county’s cluster charge conference soon. 

Churches Supervised by DS Susan Jinnett-Sack:

Charge Conferences will be held in clusters in a virtual format this October. More information regarding dates and times will be coming soon.

Churches Supervised by DS Mark Dickinson:

Charge Conferences will be held in teams. Team leaders are scheduled to meet this Wednesday to plan. More information regarding dates and times will be coming soon.