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Collect Kits for UMCOR!

posted on August 30

From Dave Pratt, Bluegrass District Disaster Response Coordinator:

To all Pastors of Bluegrass District,


Over the past few days you have seen a lot of information on Hurricane Harvey.  Jim Morse, the KY Conference Disaster Response Coordinator, has posted information for the affected Texas Conferences and UMCOR.  This information can be found on the KY Conference website at www.kyumc.org.


Jim shared his assumption that the majority of cleaning buckets now on hand in the various warehouses will be sent to the disaster to cover the initial need, and that additional cleaning buckets and hygiene kits will be needed for the relief and recovery efforts as they develop.  We can start now building a supply of both hygiene kits and cleaning buckets to either meet the second round of need or rebuild the UMCOR supplies. Items and assembly instruction for cleaning bucket and hygiene kit can be found at www.umcor.org/UMCOR/Relief-Supplies .


He will be working on the logistics of collecting them from the district points and getting them to a UMCOR warehouse.  His plan is to start collecting supplies from the district collection points the week of September 11th.  He realizes this is an aggressive time line, but then so is the need.


As these kits are collected, I’m asking each collection location please forward your growing inventory to me so we can make appropriate arrangements for transportation. My email is dop627@gmail.com.


The collection locations for the Bluegrass District are as follows.  All kits need to be delivered to one of these collection locations no later than Monday, September 11.


Shelbyville Centenary UMC

429 Main Street

Shelbyville, KY

Phone: (502) 321-5265

POC:  David Pratt


Frankfort First UMC

211 Washington Street

Frankfort, KY

Phone:  (502) 227-7430

POC:  Tonya Kenner


Danville Centenary UMC

1441 Perryville Road

Danville, KY

Phone:  (859) 236-4800

POC:  Kaytrina Leathers


Bardstown UMC

116 E. Flaget Avenue

Bardstown, KY

Phone:  (502) 348-3209

POC:  Katie Cramp


Stoner Creek UMC

Acton Campground located 6 miles out of Campbellsville in Taylor County

6499 Liberty Road

Campbellsville (Elkhorn), KY

Phone:  (270) 465-7402

POC:  John Hall


Jim also stated that beyond the requested supplies of cleaning buckets and hygiene kits, the most effective contribution that individuals can make will be monetary contributions to UMCOR’s United States Disaster Response Advance #901670.  Individuals can go directly to the UMCOR site, UMCOR.org and donate.


I’m also requesting that you provide me contact information if you have someone in your church willing to serve as the local disaster response coordinator.  This person will be responsible for assisting in communication to your church and from your church to me.


If you have any questions on this please contact me. My cell phone is (502) 321-5265 or email dop627@gmail.com


Blessings to all,


David Pratt

Bluegrass District Disaster Response Coordinator

Dave Pratt
(502) 321-5265