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District Leadership Day Training- Saturday, September 30th

posted on September 19

District Leadership day will be held on Saturday, September 30th from 9-2:30PM. 

Laity & Clergy are encouraged to attend this one day event to receive training in the following areas:

SPRC - Led By Dr. John Hatton
UM Polity-Led by Rev. John Street
Trustees- Led by Rev. Phil Bradley
Treasurer & Finance- Led by Rev. David Garvin & Heather Duvall
Youth Leader- Led by Rev. Nathan Calvart

There will also be an opportunity for clergy to break out from the laity after lunch led by Rev. Wallace Votaw. This is a time to gather, fellowship, and leading each other. 

Lunch will be free to all who participate. If you have specific food needs you may need pack a lunch. We will typically be serving Chick Fil A box lunches. 

Register here by Wednesday, September 27th. 

Jill Starkey

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