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Introducing Rev. Mark Gibbons, the new Bluegrass District Superintendent

posted on May 21

An introduction to Rev. Mark Gibbons, in his own words:

Dear Clergy and Laity of the Bluegrass District,
It is with both excitement and humbleness that I bring you greetings as your incoming superintendent.  I want to thank Paul for the invitation to be with you in person today, but we are having the Owensboro District Conference this afternoon as well.
I spent 18 of my now 37 years of active ministry serving within the bounds of this district.  So I already know many of you and many of the churches.  But there are still many I do not know.  So I will want to spend many of my early days getting to know some of you for the first time and getting re-acquainted with the rest of you.
But, like the Apostle Paul, a part of me feels like the "night is far gone."  Since, at most, I will have only two years with you, I do not have the luxury of a long time to get acclimated.  So as I listen and learn from you, I will need to hit the ground running.
I will want to continue to build on what Paul, and before him Jean and Kevin, have begun among you in living out the role of the Superintendent as the "chief missional strategist of the church."  That means, among other things, that:
1. I will use my team of other leaders to do some of the more traditional functions of the Superintendent of conducting special Charge Conferences, consultations, handle minor disputes, etc., so that I can focus on the primary responsibility of developing leaders in order that the local church can focus on the primary mission of making new and growing disciples of Jesus Christ.
2. We will continue to develop and use our District Operational Team to focus us on our primary mission and to model a Loving, Learning, and Leading culture to live out our Ministry Action Plan.
3. We will continue to develop and use our clergy Covenant Groups as places of encouragement and accountability.  One of my primary goals will be to use our Covenant Groups as the means for each of us clergy creating Personal Development Plans in order to focus on an emphasis of fruitfulness in a positive and encouraging way.
4. We will continue to encourage and challenge each of our churches and places of ministry to develop and live out an intentional plan for making disciples, and lovingly hold them accountable for that.
It is not in the District and Conference contexts where the primary mission of the Church of making disciples takes place.  It is in the context of our various local churches and extension ministries where that takes place.  Our primary mission as a District and Conference is to discover, develop and send passionate spiritual leaders so that the primary mission of making disciples can happen.
Again, I look forward to serving with you.  Please continue to pray for Cheryl and me in this time of transition.