District Superintendent

Tina Patterson

District Lay Leader

Pamela Compton

Pam Compton is the Bluegrass District Lay Leader, providing representation for and support to laity. Among other duties throughout the district, Pam runs the Lay Academy for Church Excellence (LACE). 

Assistant to the District Superintendent

Jill Starkey
Jill S. Starkey is the Assistant to the D.S. for the Heartland District and currently serves as the registrar and secretary of the District Committee on Ordained Ministry. In July 2020, she began serving as one of the Assistants to the D.S. in the Bluegrass District. 

She is married to her husband, Todd Starkey and together they have two grown boys, Kyle & Nick.


Administrative Assistant

Jessica Wells
Jessica is the Administrative Assistant for the Bluegrass and Lexington Districts.  In addition to providing communication, she processes apportionments, manages this website, works with our treasurer, and serves as the registrar for the District Committee on Ordained Ministry.   

Jessica is married to Stephen and mom to Isaac, Seth and Olivia.